26.2 for BKB

I did it! I turned 50 and completed my very first marathon on 10/17/10 in Des Moines, IA.. The weather was perfect and it was a very memorable day.

26.2 miles is a long way. My official time was 4:04:54.

I’d like to thank all of the people that provided moral support, advice, and encouragement…. Believe me, it helped.

A very special thank you to the following sponsors that “ran” the marathon with me ~ together we raised a total of $813.40.

Billy and Kathy Bryant

Chris Miller

CHAMPPS Americana Restaurant

Cori Bangs

Cory Mitchell

Jeff Cisna

Larry and Donna Bryant

Karen Rumelhart

Karen Bentley

Kathy and Jodi Bermel

Nancy and Jerry Reese

Shannon Duvall

Teri Wahlig

Add this to the $9689.69 that we raised from the BKB Memorial Golf Celebration in September, and it is my honor to present to

Mercy N.I.C.U. a check for $10,503.09 for the year of 2010.


Steven Bryant